Bitdefender Vs F-Secure – Full Antivirus Comparison

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Hi there, Confused between Bitdefender and F – Secure Antivirus. Well in this article, we’ll provide you with a detailed comparison between the two. So you could easily decide, which antivirus you should opt for.

So, Let’s start the Bitdefender vs F-Secure battle.

The internet is growing with a booming rate and so does its users. And as online surfing is increasing, the malicious ware and files infecting those surfers risk are also increasing. As for the users using the internet almost daily. They are prone to get infected by more than 800 million types of malicious ware and files available on the internet. Hence these harmful files and ware are responsible for various cyber theft, cybercrime, and PC related issues. Therefore Antivirus is the software that comes into consideration against such files and wares. To protect users while using the internet.

As of this article, we will be comparing Bitdefender and F – Secure.  Since these are 2 of the famous antivirus products available in the market as of now. Hence explaining the new customers about the 2 and making it easy for them to understand the 2 better. Since they offer so many things to the customers. Although they may lack a couple of things or may excel to one another in some things. Which makes them differ from each other in many ways. Hence, the detailed comparison for the same is carried out. Making it easier for readers to decide which one to go for.

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Bitdefender vs F-Secure (Plans Offered)

The list below explains about products offered by the companies for home users.

Bitdefender Antivirus Suites

  • Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition (Windows Only).
  • The plus version of the software. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus (Windows Only).
  • Bitdefender Internet Security version  (Windows Only).
  • Total security version. Bitdefender Total Security (Both Windows and Macintosh).
  • Bitdefender Family Pack (Both Windows and Macintosh).
  • The Virus Scanner version(Macintosh Only).
  • And the dedicated Mac version. Bitdefender Antivirus for Macintosh (Macintosh Only).

F – Secure Antivirus Suites

  • F-Secure Anti-Virus (Windows Only)
  • F-Secure Safe (Supports Windows, iOS and Android devices)
  • F-Secure Freedome (Universal License)
  • F-Secure Total (Also Consist Universal License)

Therefore, the above list provides readers with the availability of all antivirus software. Provided by the 2 companies for home users.

A detailed description of everything included in Bitdefender’s Antivirus Suites

Bitdefender is a very well-known name in the field of antivirus. It is because of its product quality as well as because of the features it offers to its customers. The company provides its users with many versions to choose from according to their needs. Hence the detailed description of those versions are as follows:

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

This is the first in the line software company provides to the user. It is a free version and hence protects from basic malware. Like ransomware, viruses, worms, etc. But it does not provide users with advanced protection features. Although protection against online threats is induced in the software.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

The next step up is to Bitdefender’s Antivirus Plus software. It comprises of features like WiFi Security Advisor. Which tends to block threats trying to spread through the network. A Vulnerability Scanner. Which holds regular checks in for outdated software and security holes in the OS. And a file shredding utility. This helps you delete your files with complete security and makes it insanely hard for anyone but you to recover them. Also, Advanced multi-layered ransomware protection. A hardened web browser. And a password management utility. Are present here in this version of the software.

Note: A single subscription of the Plus version lets you protect up to 3 PCs.

Bitdefender Internet Security

This is the next version up in the list of software provided by the company. It consists of all those features present in the Plus suite. As well as offers a two-way firewall. A spam filter. And a file encryption utility. Which tends to monitor ongoing and outgoing connections and blocks of malicious ware. Also, Blocks junk emails and messages. And protects personal files and documents from hackers respectively.  It also features a limited parental control utility. Which is responsible for blocking age-sensitive content as well as helps in monitoring children’s usage of the internet. And a limited VPN.

Note: This version also lets a single subscription of the software protect up to 3 PCs.

Bitdefender Total Security

This is the full-blown version of the software company has to offer. Meaning it contains all the feature which the company has to offer. In simpler words, it consists of all the features from the previous version and hence adds Anti-theft Module. Which is responsible for finding lost and stolen devices. Also, it adds up the performance-enhancing tools. Such as OneClick Optimizer, Disk Cleanup, Startup Optimizer.

Unlike other Antivirus suites, this particular version is compatible with Macintosh Systems as well.

Note: This particular version lets you protect up to five PCs, Macs, Android, and iOS devices. With a single Total Security Subscription.

Bitdefender Family Pack

If you are looking for a family subscription. Then there is no better option available other than this. As this particular subscription lets, you protect unlimited no. of PCs, Macs, Androids and iOS devices. That too with “Total Security” Subscription.

Bitdefender Antivirus For Mac

This is a specialized premium version of the software created for Mac OS. It is incorporated with all the features and is capable of blocking every type of Mac-related malware and dangerous files. Also, is equipped with a VPN and an encryption utility. Therefore, on the upper hand. It is also incorporated with protection against annoying adware and dangerous phishing attacks.

Note: Both Bitdefender Family pack and Bitdefender Total Security are compatible with Macintosh OS.

A detailed description of everything included in F-Secure Security Suites

F- Secure is another well-known antivirus product that made its name because of its protection services. The company offers its users by providing them with many versions to choose from according to their needs. Hence the detailed description of those versions are as follows:

F-Secure Anti-Virus

The entry-level Antivirus product by F-Secure is “F-Secure Anti-Virus”. As for this product is the first version company tends to offer a lot for its customers. As for its features, the entry-level antivirus from F-Secure boasts full-on malware protection, including viruses, spyware, and other cyber threats all ready to infect the internet surfers. There’s a Malware Removal tool as well that must rid your computer system of any suspicious or rogue elements that might have infected it before F-Secure was installed on the particular system. The antivirus software also features automatic updates workflow, since you simply don’t have to go through the pain of updating it manually. Hence protecting from the latest emerging viruses and malware. 

Note: As for this antivirus product, it happens to be a Windows-only product. Hence supports the protection for up to 1 PC and additionally has an option to add 2 more devices.

F-Secure Safe

Next in the list is F-Secure Safe. It is the second installment product by F-Secure. As for this particular suite, it comprises of everything available in the previous suite and hence some more features as well.

Therefore these are as follows, Complete Browsing and Banking Protection meaning that you can surf the web, shop on the web or make banking exchanges without stressing over losing your data to hackers. There’s a parental control feature as well called Family Rules that keep your youngsters with safe perusing while they are on the web. You can restrain their web time and access to undesirable websites and applications they use. You can even find their gadgets while they are away. The suite additionally gives ransomware security and recoveries your significant documents and organizers from being encoded by hackers.

Note: This particular product is capable of protecting up to 3 PCs, which includes Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Although there is also an option to extend up to 7.

F-Secure Freedome

The next up step in the list is “F-Secure Freedome”. This is the 3rd software offered by the company and hence comprises of all the features that were present there in the previous suite. Apart from that, it consists of features like a safe VPN utility tool that gives you anonymous browsing knowledge allowing on web protection just as access to the region-specific substance. This suite additionally incorporates the utility tool to block off web-based tracking by hackers or even by your network access supplier so no one can follow you on the web. You additionally get insurance while you’re associated with an open system as the VPN device scrambles your information when you sign into an open Wi-Fi.

Note: As for this product’s licensing, it comes equipped with a universal license and hence can protect up to 7 PCs.

F-Secure Total

F-Secure Total, the final and hence most premium package that the company has to offer to its customers. This particular Antivirus consists of everything present there in previous packages plus features like a KEY password supervisor that enables you to store your accreditations safely in a computerized space and access them from any gadget. The bundle accompanies a SENSE home assurance that gives propelled security to all gadgets associated with your security router.

Note: As for this product’s licensing, it also comes equipped with a universal license and hence can protect up to 7 PCs.

Bitdefender vs F-Secure (in terms of providing better protection)

As of the 2 programs. These two are viewed as great Antivirus products. Since in the present time infection is bound to hit directly at a framework. Its an unquestionable requirement for antivirus to be great as far as insurance.

In this way, the tests were held by AV-Test and AV-Comparatives. To check how well an Antivirus is against such expanding dangers. Since these are the product liable for a person’s web security and wellbeing.

AV-Test (Tests)

The AV-Test held a study in April 2019. In which Bitdefender was tested against a variety of malware samples. As of the results. Bitdefender showed excellent outcomes and hence manage to receive a perfect score of 6 out of 6 in the “Protection” category.

Whereas for the F-Secure Test results, in its April 2019 evaluation, it also managed to keep up with the Bitdefender and hence bag the same perfect score of 6/6 in the “Protection” category as well.

AV-Comparatives (Tests)

Therefore, one more test was held by AV-Comparatives. But this test was held in sight of aiming to test a product in real-world malware conditions. And as of evaluation held on June 2019, Bitdefender was awarded an “ADVANCED+” rating. Although, for F-Secure, the result wasn’t that impressive as it was for Bitdefender. Since it has to settle for second place with the second-best “ADVANCED” award by the organization, mainly because of its high number of “False Positives”.

Therefore, it is clear that Bitfinder wins this category even though F-Secure was able to keep up the competition and hence was able to attain similar results as that of Bitdefender. Although, it still managed to bag the win by showing optimum results.

Bitdefender vs F-Secure (CPU Usage Comparison)

Antivirus is significantly known for running in the background to perform Real-Time filtering. Even though, it is been a worry of individuals since they will, in general, eat up the majority of the CPU execution. But that is significant for wellbeing and security.

In this way, for antivirus to be immaculate. It should suggest a less strain on the PC. Since overwhelming strain can bring about startling stops and hang in a framework. Which is quite irritating.

In this way, tests were directed by Independent labs to do the outcome. How the 2 programs fared in a specific classification. Via doing a few tests like propelling well-known sites, downloading and installing, generally utilized applications, duplicating of documents, and more.

Note: The tests were done on a standard PC as well as on high-end PC.

Bitdefender’s impact Test

As for the test which was carried out on Bitdefender in April 2019. The Antivirus once again got a 6/6 rating in AV-Test. In the “performance” category.

Stated below are the Bitdefender’s test results conducted by AV-Tests.

Whereas, for the AV-Comparatives test for performance which was also held in April 2019. Bitdefender again received the “ADVANCED+” award. Because of the low impact score.

Stated below are the Bitdefender’s test results conducted by AV-Comparatives.

F-Secure’s impact Test

As for the F-Secure’s Result for the same test, it managed to be on the Par with Bitdefender and hence also attained a perfect 6/6 rating in AV-Test. In the “performance” category.

Stated below are the F-Secure’s test results conducted by AV-Tests.

And for the test result for a performance held by AV-Comparatives, F-Secure bagged the second-best “ADVANCED” award due to its slightly higher impact score.

Stated below are the F-Secure’s test results conducted by AV-Comparatives.

Therefore, it is again clear that Bitdefender again won the category and F-Secure again manage to keep up the fight despite the fact it lost due to a slightly higher impact score. Although they both seem to have equal results, it makes the 2 pretty nominal and close to each other in terms of Protection as well as Performance. Hence both are pretty good products.

But as for the winner, it is Bitdefender.

Which one is Cheaper? (Bitdefender vs F-Secure)

Both companies might have basic duties of protection users from malware threats. But as for the price tags, it might not be the same case. As in this section, we’ll be stating the allotted price of each software version provided by both companies. Hence making it easier for readers to decide which one falls in their budget range.

Bitdefender’s Antivirus Software Pricing

  • Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

The Antivirus Plus subscription is available in 29.99 dollars for a 1-year plan.

  • Bitdefender Internet Security

The Bitdefender Internet Security is available for 34.99 dollars for a 1-year subscription.

  • Bitdefender Total Security

The total security version of Bitdefender Antivirus is available at 38.99 dollars for a year subscription.

  • Bitdefender Family Pack

One can get a 1-year subscription of this version at 54.99 dollars.

  • Bitdefender Antivirus For Mac

This Mac dedicated Antivirus software can be purchased for 34.99 dollars a year.

  • Bitdefender Small Office Security

One can purchase this for 99.98 dollars. And it includes a 1-year subscription for 10 devices.

F-Secure’s Antivirus Software Pricing

  • F-Secure Antivirus

The first in the line product by F-Secure costs $35.99 per year for one device protection. Although there is also an option to add protection for 2 more devices with just $4, which makes it $39.99 per year.

  • F-Secure Safe

The next up Antivirus product “F-Secure Safe” charges $34.99 per year for 3 devices. But you have an option to add 2 or 4 devices while paying $10 or $20 more per year respectively.

  • F-Secure Freedome

The next product on the list is “F-Secure Freedome”. As of its cost, it charges  $34.99 per year for 3 devices. But also provides an option of protecting up to 7 devices at  $69.99 per year or $89.99 for two years.

  • F-Secure Total

The final and most ambitious product by the company costs a user $99.99, $109.99 & $129.99 per year for 3, 5 and 7 devices respectively.

Therefore, the context stated above tells the readers about the prices available for all different types of Malwarebytes software on a different platform.

Final Verdict (Conclusion)

Getting a premium antivirus in the present time is everyone’s need. Since they will in general furnish people with security and protection from online dangers. As of the 2 Antivirus programs talked about in this article. The examination is for individuals to comprehend the product better and to settle on the one which suits best for their needs.

Subsequently, the end is that both of the Antivirus programs are very well working. What’s more, that they both are truly successful in shielding the user from online dangers and vindictive products. In any case, as of the consequence of the examination between the 2. Bitdefender exceeds expectations, Because of its streamlined highlights just as costs and alternatives accessible for every one of the clients. Additionally, it profoundly exceeds expectations as far as giving out false positives. Implying that it will in general report not many safe documents as a danger. What’s more, it will in general shield from 100% of vindictive documents pursued by giving out less effect on the framework.

However, not to overlook that F-Secure figured out how to stay aware of the Bitdefender programming. In spite of the lacking elbow room with the victor regardless it lost however henceforth demonstrates to be an incredible antivirus item because of its close flawless details and security rate.

Along these lines, plainly Bitdefender is the triumphant contender of this straight on examination among Bitdefender and F-Secure.

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