Comodo vs Bitdefender – Complete In-Depth Comparison

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Hey there, want to opt for a new antivirus product for a new PC or want to opt-in for the protection of the old one? Although find yourself trapped in the dilemma of choosing anyone among Comodo and Bitdefender? Well, in that case, you don’t have to worry anymore, as we have carried out the full comparison report between the 2 discussing what are the features that makes them similar as well as what all things tend to differentiate between them. Therefore, helping the readers opting for a new antivirus product to understand the 2 programs and based on that choose the one which tends to stand forth the needs of the day to day virus protection of the internet user.

so, Let’s get started.

Internet, one of the major aspects of today’s time. Almost, about 95% of the world population utilizes it daily. It is mainly because of everything it has to offer. Shopping to getting a job just requires a single click. Although it has lots of merits and provides people with many possibilities, but is also a hub of malicious files and viruses which are ready to burn up the systems and are a major reason behind cyber theft, Cybercrime, and PC related issues. Therefore, this is the point where Antivirus comes into action in regards to the following problems by malicious files and ware. These pieces of software responsible for blocking off the harmful and malicious files and ware from reaching one’s computer. They also are responsible for cleaning out an infected PC by simply scanning it and removing the dangerous files.

Hence, Both Comodo and Bitdefender are pretty established antiviruses. People while opting for a new antivirus product often find themselves in this perpetual dilemma to decide which one to opt among these 2. Since they pack a lot in them and hence have a lot to offer to their customers. Although they may lack in one thing or 2 and may offer something more than the other has to offer which often tends to be the reason differentiating the two. Hence, the detailed comparison for the same is carried out making it easier for readers to decide between them.

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Comodo vs Bitdefender Plans Compared

The list below explains about products offered by the companies for home users.

Comodo Security Suites:

  • Comodo freeware. Comodo free antivirus.
  • The Advanced option. Comodo Advanced Antivirus.
  • The pro version of Comodo Internet Security Pro.
  • And the last one is the complete version. Comodo Internet Security Complete.
  • And the Mac version. Comodo Antivirus for Mac.

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Bitdefender Antivirus Suites:

  • Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition (Windows Only).
  • The plus version of the software. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus (Windows Only).
  • Bitdefender Internet Security version  (Windows Only).
  • Total security version. Bitdefender Total Security (Both Windows and Macintosh).
  • Bitdefender Family Pack (Both Windows and Macintosh).
  • The Virus Scanner version(Macintosh Only).
  • And the dedicated Mac version. Bitdefender Antivirus for Macintosh (Macintosh Only).

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Therefore, the above list provides readers with the availability of all antivirus software. Provided by the 2 companies for home users.

A detailed description of everything included in Comodo’s Security Packages:

Comodo, also known as the underdog antivirus product in the market. It is not as famous as Avast but tends to offer similar features to its customers. The company has a lot of versions to offer of the Comodo antivirus to their customers based on their needs. Hence the detailed description of those versions are as follows:

Comodo Free Antivirus:

Comodo also consists of a freeware, which mainly targets the customers wanting the basic protection from online threats and malware. The software is capable of protecting users from all different types of viruses and malware, but highly lacks the advanced features and tools in it.

Note: Comodo’s paid products consist of many types of advanced features and tools induced in them, making them more comprehensive and useful to customers in terms of features and utilities than freeware offered by Comodo.

Comodo Advanced Antivirus:

This is the first paid version of the Comodo Antivirus which is offered by the company to the customers. This particular version offers everything that the freeware has to offer and on top of that a gaming utility tool that suspends all the notification and updates while you’re busy playing games or doing any type of work. The particular suite is also induced with additional security which is responsible for the protection of your financial status and details while you shop or bank on the internet.

Note: This particular version is only available on the PC platform.

Comodo Internet Security Pro:

This is the next level up a tier in the Comodo series. It includes everything that is offered by the Comodo Advanced Antivirus product followed by a sophisticated firewall that is responsible for blocking malware attacks in real-time, an advanced web filtering which guards one against malicious sites and a premium customer support induced into the Antivirus suite.

This particular version is only supported by PC platforms.

Note: Company provides a policy of $500 virus protection guarantee specific to this version of the Comodo antivirus. It states that if the virus tends to damage the user’s system, the company will cover all the expenses of up to $500.

Comodo Internet Security Complete:

The final installment of the Comodo Antivirus suite which is also the company’s high-end suite on offer. It boasts of offering everything from the previous suites from the company followed by the 500 GB of online storage. Apart from that customers will also get a 10GB of Trust Connect WiFi Security access, which lets the user secure its WiFi network. For example, it will help you secure your WiFi network connection when you get connected to a Public WiFi.

Comodo Antivirus for Mac:

The Mac version of the Comodo Antivirus tends to provide Mac users with limited anti-malware protection. The particular version also incorporates the robust firewall, also one can easily eliminate the virus infected the system simply by accessing the one-click scanning feature for fast malware detection. apart from that, it is also induced with the scheduler which gives you the independence to run the scan automatically at the scheduled date. Apart from these features, there aren’t many useful features and utilities present in this version.

A detailed description of everything included in Bitdefender’s Antivirus Suites:

Bitdefender is a very well-known name in the field of antivirus. It is because of its product quality as well as because of the features it offers to its customers. The company provides its users with many versions to choose from according to their needs. Hence the detailed description of those versions are as follows:

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition:

This is the first in the line software company provides to the user. It is a free version and hence protects from basic malware. Like ransomware, viruses, worms, etc. But it does not provide users with advanced protection features. Although protection against online threats is induced in the software.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus:

The next step up is to Bitdefender’s Antivirus Plus software. It comprises of features like WiFi Security Advisor which tends to block threats trying to spread through the network, A Vulnerability Scanner which holds regular checks in for outdated software and security holes in the OS and a file shredding utility which helps you delete your files with complete security and makes it insanely hard for anyone but you to recover them. Also, Advanced multi-layered ransomware protection, A hardened web browser, and a password management utility. They all are present here in this version of the software.

Note: A single subscription of the Plus version lets you protect up to 3 PCs.

Bitdefender Internet Security:

This is the next version up in the list of software provided by the company. It consists of all those features present in the Plus suite. As well as offers a two-way firewall, A spam filter and a file encryption utility which tends to monitor ongoing and outgoing connections and blocks of malicious ware. Also, it Blocks junk emails and messages and protects personal files and documents from hackers respectively.  It also features a limited parental control utility which is responsible for blocking age-sensitive content as well as helps in monitoring children’s usage of the internet and a limited VPN.

Note: This version also lets a single subscription of the software protect up to 3 PCs.

Bitdefender Total Security:

This is the full-blown version of the software company has to offer. Meaning it contains all the feature which the company has to offer. In simpler words, it consists of all the features from the previous version and hence adds Anti-theft Module which is responsible for finding lost and stolen devices. Also, it adds up the performance-enhancing tools. Such as OneClick Optimizer, Disk Cleanup, Startup Optimizer.

Unlike other Antivirus suites, this particular version is compatible with Macintosh Systems as well.

Note: This particular version lets you protect up to five PCs, Macs, Android, and iOS devices. With a single Total Security Subscription.

Bitdefender Family Pack:

If you are looking for a family subscription. Then there is no better option available other than this. As this particular subscription lets, you protect unlimited no. of PCs, Macs, Androids and iOS devices. That too with “Total Security” Subscription.

Bitdefender Antivirus For Mac:

This is a specialized premium version of the software created for Mac OS. It is incorporated with all the features and is capable of blocking every type of Mac-related malware and dangerous files. Also, is equipped with a VPN and an encryption utility. Therefore, on the upper hand, it is also incorporated with protection against annoying adware and dangerous phishing attacks.

Note: Both Bitdefender Family pack and Bitdefender Total Security are compatible with Macintosh OS.

Comodo vs Avast (in terms of providing better protection):

Both of the 2 programs are pretty well known and are considered to be good in terms of protecting from online threats. It is possible because of the protection, features, and utility tools the two ware offers to their customers. Since there is a growing number of internet users day by day, threats are also increasing at a faster rate. Therefore, both the software should be able to keep up the mark of providing nominal features for the protection of an individual from such threats.

Therefore, the tests were held by AV-Test and AV-Comparatives. To check how well an Antivirus is against such increasing threats. Since these are the software responsible for an individual’s internet security and safety.

Note: The tests were carried out on a standard PC as well as a High-end PC.

AV-Test (Tests):

As for the AV-Test’s recent evaluation, Both Comodo and Bitdefender tend to attain the perfect score of 6/6 by the AV-Test experts in the “Protection Category”. Mainly because of their impressive protection ability to block out all of the virus and malware files they were put up to test against.

Below is the AV-Test evaluation results for Comodo:

Below is the AV-Test evaluation results for Bitdefender:

AV-Comparatives (Tests)

AV-Comparatives also conducted a test in June 2019 keeping Real-World malware conditions in mind and hence conducted a Real-World Protection Test in which one is focusing on the major malware conditions in the real world, during, or after the execution of harmful files.

Therefore, as for the result of Bitdefender, it showed an impressive result and hence was successful in blocking all of the malware and viruses set into Real-World malware conditions and hence was awarded the highest “ADVANCED+” award. Apart from that, it was also pretty successful in providing a low false positive count.

Although if we talk about Comodo’s evaluation, well no result can be taken into consideration since Comodo didn’t partake in any of the AV-Comparatives evaluation for some reason.

Note: False-positive refers to the process of an Antivirus, falsely detecting a clean file and URL.

Therefore, as of the conclusion for this section, Both Comodo and Bitdefender tend to be at the same level when it comes to protection, based on the AV-Test evaluation. Although, the case might not be the same when it comes to the AV-Comparatives evaluation since no comparison could be carried out mainly because of the non-Participation of Comodo in them. Therefore, as for the winning contender, Bitdefender tends to take the spot for the same in the “Protection Category”.

Comodo vs Bitdefender (in terms of impact on system):

Lately, It has been a serious concern of an individual in past times as antivirus tend to consume most of the CPU performance. It is because they tend to run in the background so the process of Real-Time scanning can be carried out. Although, it is important for the sake of safety and security from online threats.

Therefore, for an antivirus to prove that it is pretty stable and reliable it should simply imply a less strain on PC because the heavy strains can lead to unexpected pauses and hang in a system. Which can be pretty annoying sometimes.

Therefore, tests were conducted by independent labs to carry out the result of how the 2 software fared in a particular category. By carrying out a couple of activities like launching popular websites, downloading and installing, commonly used applications, copying of files, and more.

Note: The tests were carried out on a standard PC as well as a High-end PC.

Comodo’s Impact Test:

Therefore, as for the Comodo’s evaluation reports. It tends to attain a slightly low score of 5/6 in the evaluation held by AV-Test, concluding that it did exert a slight tension on the CPU. Whereas for the AV-Comparatives evaluation, It again refused to take part due to unknown reasons.

Below are the AV-Test evaluation results for Comodo in the “Performance Category”.

Bitdefender’s impact Test:

As for the test which was carried out on Bitdefender. The Antivirus once again got a 6/6 rating in AV-Test.

Below are the test results of Bitdefender’s Impact test held by AV-Test.

Whereas, it also received an “ADVANCED+” award in the AV-Comparatives Test with a rating of 6.9 in the “Performance” category.

Below are the test results of Bitdefender’s Impact test held by AV-Comparatives.

Note: The lower the impact score the better the antivirus.

As for this test conclusion, it is clear that both of the software is pretty stable and tend to provide minimal impact on the system. Whereas, if we go for the stats, Bitdefender tends to dominate this section of the comparison making it better than Comodo in terms of impact on the system, Furthermore, Comodo was put up to a disadvantage, since it did not take part in the AV-Comparatives evaluation giving Bitdefender a free lead in the “Performance Category”.

Comodo vs Bitdefender (Whose price is more valuable):

Almost both companies showed impressive results. But the same might not be the case when it comes to price tags. As in this section, we’ll be stating the assigned prices of each software version provided by both companies. Hence making it easier for readers to choose the one which suits them best.

Comodo Antivirus suites Pricings:

  • Comodo Advanced Antivirus:

The first paid suite from the company is priced at $ 34.99 for a year subscription.

  • Comodo Internet Security Pro:

The internet Security Pro version of the Comodo antivirus is set to priced at $39.99 for a 1-year subscription.

  • Comodo Internet Security Complete:

The High end and complete suite from Comodo are set to priced at $89.99 for a year of protection services.

Therefore, the context stated above tells the readers about the prices available for all different types of Comodo software.

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Bitdefender’s Antivirus Software Pricing:

  • Bitdefender Antivirus Plus:

The Antivirus Plus subscription is available in 29.99 dollars for a 1-year plan.

  • Bitdefender Internet Security:

The Bitdefender Internet Security is available for 34.99 dollars for a 1-year subscription.

  • Bitdefender Total Security:

The total security version of Bitdefender Antivirus is available at 38.99 dollars for a year subscription.

  • Bitdefender Family Pack:

One can get a 1-year subscription of this version at 54.99 dollars.

  • Bitdefender Antivirus For Mac:

This Mac dedicated Antivirus software can be purchased for 34.99 dollars a year.

  • Bitdefender Small Office Security:

One can purchase this for 99.98 dollars. And it includes a 1-year subscription for 10 devices.

Therefore, the context stated above tells the readers about the prices available for all different types of Bitdefender software.

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