Is BitDefender Safe? Detailed Review

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With the increase in viruses and threats attacks, all the electronics users must install one antivirus in their PC/Laptop/Smartphone. Almost all of us know the importance of antivirus when it comes to data security. But we are not aware of which antivirus is good? That’s why we are here with one detailed review post on one such premium featured antivirus popularly known as BitDefender. We are not promoting this antivirus via this post! This is one kind of honest Review of BitDefender Antivirus. Hence, Along with the pros and its feature description, we have also added the cons of this tool. Just scroll down a bit to know more about this amazing antivirus.

BitDefender Antivirus Review

Before proceeding further, Let me first brief you about this informative article on BitDefender Antimalware Software. Here are the key points which we are going to discuss in this post:

  • Introduction to the BitDefender Security tool.
  • Pros & Cons
  • How to Install and setup BitDefender in your device.
  • Features
  • Final Verdict.

Without wasting more of your precious time, let’s get back to the main part of this post.

What is BitDefender Antivirus?

BitDefender is one of the most popular antiviruses which has millions of downloads and has attracted tons of visitors towards its awesome data protection feature. If you are concern about your confidential data and want to protect it from the viruses/threats, then we must recommend you try this ultimate security software. As per its name, BitDefender defends you from all kinds of malware, threats, viruses, and even ransomware protection too. The best part about this software is that You can also use this antivirus in your smartphone to make it free from all sorts of threats/attacks.

Pros & Cons of BitDefender


  • Efficient speed.
  • Awesome User Interface.
  • VPN is also available with the security pack.
  • Speed up your device by eliminating all junk/temp files.
  • Real-time processing.
  • A simple dashboard with tons of features.
  • Highly secured firewall.
  • Also available for Android.
  • Browser protection is also inbuilt in this antimalware software.
  • Keep your confidential data safe and secure.


  • Few bugs are seen in the latest version.
  • Average customer support.

How to install BitDefender in Windows Devices?

  • First of all, Click Here to visit the download page of BitDefender. [ BitDefender Free Version ]
  • Premium version of this antivirus is also available on their website, click here to check the pricing of premium plans.
  • Download the antivirus in your device.


  • Install and open the application.
  • Firstly, It will prompt for the User Control access, Click on the allow button to proceed further.
  • Within a few seconds, the BitDefender setup download will start on your laptop.


  • The setup size is around 500 MB. Make sure you have a working internet connection!
  • After download completion, Double-tap on the antivirus icon to run it in your device.
  • A login form will be displayed on your screen, just fill the required details like name, email, password, etc.


  • Hit the signup button to create your BitDefender account.
  • Now select the language in which you wan to install the antivirus.


  • Hit the OK button,
  • That’s all, BitDefender dashboard will be visible on your screen.
  • Surf all the settings to know more about this awesome antimalware tool.
  • Voila, You have successfully installed the antivirus in your laptop/pc.
  • Enjoy 🙂

Features of BitDefender Antivirus

#1 Top-level security with High Performance

BitDefender is one of the most secured antivirus available out there. If you are looking for a highly secured antivirus for your computer/pc, then we must recommend you to try this amazing tool. This tool provides us with a feature to protect our laptop/pc from the virus/threats/malware available on the Internet World. The worst part about the antivirus is that It will slow down your PC. But this issue is not in the case of BitDefender. The best part of this tool is that while protecting your device it will not slow down your device performance, Instead of that, it will clear up all your waste/temp files to increase your device performance.

#2 Fast Processing

The processing rate of BitDefender is just breathtaking! All you need to do is just press the operation you want to do, and within a second, You are done with that task. Like in case if you’re going to scan your PC/Laptop, then it will take just 40-50 seconds for the complete scan of your whole system. This antimalware tool gives the top-level competition to all other ultimate security software.

#3 Secure VPN


This antivirus software provides a premium VPN [ Virtual Private Network ] with its premium plans. As we all know that with the help of a VPN, we can change our IP, location and can access the access which is previously not accessible by our network. There are various other benefits of a VPN. People spent $$ for purchasing the VPN, but if you are using the BitDefender Antimalware tool, then you can just buy the premium VPN for just a few bucks. What are you still waiting for? Just go to the download section of this post and download BitDefender antivirus to make your PC free from viruses and threats revolving around the web.

#4 Ransomeware Protection

These days, Users are not much afraid of viruses and malware. With the advancement in technology, Viruses are also evolved to a great extent. Ransomeware is one such advanced version of threat that is more prone to our confidential data. It is tough to cope up with the ransomware infected PC, and There are only fees hectic ways available on the web using which we can get back our data from the infected PC. So it is better to make our firewall boundary secure so that no such ransomware shit can get access to our device. BitDefender antivirus works like a charm in this case. Hence we suggest you try this antimalware tool in your laptop to keep your data safe and secure from any kind of Ransomeware.

#5 Available for almost all platforms

Antiviruses like Vipre, Malwarebytes are only available for the Windows platform. So if you want to install these antiviruses in your Android-based smartphone or iOS-based MacBook, then you are not able to do so. Hence we always suggest our users go with the premium class antimalware as with just one single subscription, you can protect your PC/Laptop along with your smartphone. One such antivirus is BitDefender, which is available for all platforms, whether it is Android, iOS, Linux, windows, etc. In short, we can say that BitDefender is a one-stop destination to all the security level measures.

Pricing & Plans Details

For PC




For Android


For iPhone


Final Words

Finally, we have come to an end to this informative cum detailed post on BitDefender Review. Here in this review article, we have added all the essentials information relate to this antimalware tool, which includes its features, pricing & plans details, Install and setup guide of BitDefender, etc. We have also added the pros and cons of BitDefender Software so that you can decide whether this tool is good or bad in terms of its performance.

Is BitDefender Good? Now you can quickly answer this question. After going through all the essential terminology and features of this antivirus, Now you have to decide whether this antimalware tool is best for your device or not. Our main motive of this post is to provide our user with an honest review of BitDefender anti-malware security software.

I hope you guys liked this post. If this post proves to be helpful for you, then please share this post with your friends and loved ones so that more and more people can enjoy the benefits of this amazing antivirus.

Stay tuned with us for more such informative cum review articles. Thanks for reading 🙂


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