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Operating System (OS) is a profound language program used for the functioning of a computer system. As for Windows and Mac, these 2 tend to be among the dominant OS available there in the market. Well, as the reputation of the OS grows or in simpler words as the OS grows, threats and malicious ware are known for attacking such OS also increases. So, at that point having an antivirus installed in the system is a must. As of today’s time people are prone to get infected by more than 800 million types of different viruses and malware. Therefore, their security come in the action and hence software responsible for the same is known as Antiviruses.

As of today, choosing the best antivirus for your computer system is hard since a lot of companies tend to offer a lot of features including premium security. Therefore, choosing any of them makes it a difficult task. As of this article, we have explained all the full comparison review between Total AV and Avast, so that you won’t have any hard time choosing the right one for you. Just follow up on the article and based on your understanding choose the right one for you.

So, Let’s get started.

Plans offered by Total AV and Avast Antivirus

The list below explains about products offered by the companies for home users.

Total AV Antivirus Suites

  • Total AV Free
  • TotalAV Essential Antivirus
  • Total AV Pro Antivirus
  • Total AV Ultimate Antivirus


The Avast Antivirus  Suites

  • The free version. Avast free antivirus (Windows Only)
  • The professional version of the software known as Avast Pro antivirus (Windows Only)
  • Premier version  is also available and known as Avast Premier (Windows Only)
  • The internet security specified version. Avast Internet Security (Windows Only)
  • The ultimate version of the software. Avast Ultimate (Windows Only)
  • Pro version specialized for Mac. Avast Security Pro (Macintosh Only)
  • And last is the security version also specific to Mac. Avast Security (Macintosh Only)

Therefore, the above list provides readers with the availability of all antivirus software. Provided by the 2 companies for home users.

A detailed description of everything included in Total AV Antivirus Suites

Total AV made its name in the market as a pretty trusted product when it comes to protecting internet security. Therefore, there are a couple of products offered by the company itself, hence the explanation for the same are as follows:

Total AV Free

It is the first variant in the market offered by the Total AV. It is the freemium ware which can be download by the users for absolutely free. It enables you to play out some malware-distinguishing and execution boosting filters, yet it comes up short on the basic highlights required to give you nonstop security and complete significant serenity.

Total AV Essential Antivirus

The next up in the list the Essential antivirus product by Total AV. It is the company’s entry-level package which truly provides premium services. Hence people should consider buying one for their day to day protection. As of its features, it provides you with constant security from a wide range of malware, including infections, worms, trojans, and so forth. Ensures you against one of the most perilous sorts of computerized dangers, for example, ransomware. The bundle accompanies Web Shield browser extension which evacuates irritating adware, keeps you from visiting conceivably perilous sites and causes you to oversee treats. A Disk Cleaner which will assist you with disposing of copy and garbage documents. A solitary permit of the TotalAV Essential Antivirus suite covers 3 devices.

Total AV Pro Antivirus

The next product offered by the company is Total AV Pro Antivirus. Although it might be your preferred choice if you wish to have protection for more than 1 device. The single purchase of the license can support the protection for up to 5 devices. Apart from all that, it consists of features like a password manager that recollects every one of your passwords and stores them in a safe vault. a far-reaching antivirus digital book that fills in as your guide and shows you how to guard your information and protection from programmers. Supports all stages including macOS, iOS, Android and Windows.

Total AV Ultimate Antivirus

The next up variant in the list is Total AV Ultimate Pro. It is the maxed out or in simpler words, the top end Antivirus variant company has to offer to its customers. It tends to be the perfect fit for customers who seek protection for their families. Since it tends to provide the protection needs for up to 6 devices on a single license. Although if we talk about its features, it comprises of everything included in the previous variants. furthermore, it consists of features like a smartphone optimization tool that rates up your device by opening up space and memory. 24/7 customer support with VIP assistance and have integrated support for all operating systems.

A detailed description of everything included in Avast Security Suites

Avast antivirus software is one of the most profound and famous antivirus software out there in the market. Therefore, it tends to provide a lot of options to the user to select the one which suits them better. Hence, those are stated above, readers can refer to the context stated above. Therefore all the things which the stated version of the software has to offer are as follows:

Avast Free Antivirus

The free version of Avast offers a lot of features in the freeware market. In simpler words, it is one of the most feature-rich antivirus available in the market. The Antivirus Offers a lot of handy features such as WIFI inspector, A limited software updater, An unlimited use password vault, and a game mode. Although the free version also includes web and email-based threat detectors. Also one can simply make use of Avast’s free Rescue Disk to remove deep-rooted malware.

But there are extra features that lack the software and hence, are limited to only a month. Therefore, for you to be on the safe side, it is recommended to opt for the paid version.

Avast Pro Antivirus

Avast Antivirus Pro includes all the features from the free version. As well as more features like sandbox technology which allows you to test suspicious files in a separate environment. A Real Site feature which prevents hackers to redirect you to unsafe pages. And moreover premium in-product support.

Avast Premier Antivirus

In this version, users get the file shredder feature, an automatic updater, and webcam spying protection. Hence is a bit more advanced than the pro version.

Avast Internet Security Antivirus

This particular software carries forward all the features available in the pro version. As well as tends to add a firewall, An extra layer of Ransome protection and anti-spam filters. which tends to block spam emails and messages.

Avast Ultimate Antivirus

This software in particular packs everything that the company has to offer. It consists of everything explained and inputted in the above-stated software. Although, apart from it, the software offers clean-up utility, an unlimited VPN, and a premium version of Avast’s password manager.

Avast Security Antivirus

The security version of the Avast antivirus is specialized and is created for Mac users which they can tend to download from the official site for free. Since it is a similar version of the software available that on Windows and hence contains the same features.

Avast Security Pro Antivirus

The Security Pro version consists of ransomware protection elements and other additional features in it. Hence, this version is specifically dedicated to Mac users.

Total AV vs Avast (in terms of providing better protection)

Both of the 2 programs are very well known names in the market. It is mainly possible because of the protection, features, and utility tools the two ware provides to their customers. As in today’s time, there is a growing number of internet users day by day, threats are also increasing at a faster rate. Therefore, both the software should be able to keep up the mark of providing nominal features for the protection of an individual from such threats.

Therefore, the tests were held by AV-Test and AV-Comparatives. To check how well an Antivirus is against such increasing threats. Since these are the software responsible for an individual’s internet security and safety.

Note: The tests were carried out on a standard PC as well as a High-end PC.

AV-Test (Tests)

As of the most recent AV test, in which the antivirus products were put to the test against malware and ransomware. As for Avast’s result, it was able to bag the perfect score of 6/6 by AV experts. Since it exerted an impressive rate of protection against malware and viruses in the test.

Although, for Total AV the case wasn’t the same since it didn’t participate in the test.

AV-Comparatives (Tests)

AV-Comparatives also conducted a test in June 2019 keeping Real-World malware conditions in mind and hence conducted a Real-World Protection Test in which one is focusing on the major malware conditions in the real world, during, or after the execution of harmful files.

And as for the result, Avast again proved to be pretty good Antivirus since it again was rewarded with the second-best “ADVANCED” award in the “Protection” category by AV experts.

And as for Total AV, it again didn’t participate in the test, hence no just result would be carried out for the same.

Therefore, as looking at the above context and comparison report in the “Protection” category, it can be concluded that no doubt Avast tends to have stronger definitions than Total AV since it cannot be justified how capable the product is because it didn’t participate in the tests at all. Therefore the only conclusion could be reached based on the understanding of the tests is that Avast is a sheer winner in the “Protection” category.

Total AV vs Avast (in terms of impact on system)

Lately, It has been a genuine worry of many individuals in past occasions as the antivirus will, in general, expend the greater part of the CPU execution. It is because they will, in general, perform background procedures of Real-Time scanning. Even though it is the method responsible for the protection of internet users from online threats and malware.

Therefore, for an antivirus to demonstrate that it is quite steady and solid it should basically suggest a less strain on PC since the substantial strains can prompt sudden stops and hang in a framework. Which can be truly irritating once in a while.

Hence, tests were directed by independent labs to do the aftereffect of how the 2 programs fared in a specific class. Via doing a few exercises like propelling mainstream sites, downloading and introducing, ordinarily utilized applications, replicating of documents, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Note: The tests were carried out on a standard PC as well as a High-end PC.

Total AV’s Impact Test

As mentioned earlier, Total AV didn’t participate in any of the AV-Tests and AV-Comparatives tests.  Hence there are no results concerning the same.

Avast’s Impact Test

And here’s the result when Avast was tested in regards to the same. Avast showed a slight impact on the system although it received an impressive rate of 6/6.

Below are the test reports for Avast in the “Performance” Category (AV-Test).

And as for the AV-Comparatives performance test. Avast received an “ADVANCED+” rating with a low impact score of 8.9.

Below are the test reports for Avast in “Performance” Category (AV-Comparatives).

Therefore for the conclusion, it is again clear that Avast won the “Performance” category as no test comparison could be carried out between the 2 since Total AV didn’t participate in any of the lab tests. Hence Avast stands as a winning contender in this “Performance” category test.

Total AV vs Avast (in terms of Price)

Both companies might have basic duties of protection users from malware threats. But as for the price tags, it might not be the same case. As in this section, we’ll be stating the allotted price of each software version provided by both companies. Hence making it easier for readers to decide which one falls in their budget range.

Total AV Antivirus Software Pricing

  • Total AV Essentials

This particular product costs $ 99.95 per year and hence provides protection for up to 3 devices.

  • Total AV Antivirus Pro

The next product on the list is Total AV Antivirus pro. Therefore, it is priced at $ 119.95 per year and hence is responsible for providing protection for up to 5 devices.

  • Total AV Ultimate Antivirus

The next up product by Total AV is priced at a huge annual price of $149.95 and allows you to cover 6 devices protection.

Therefore, the context stated above tells the readers about the prices available for all different types of Malwarebytes software on a different platform.

Avast Antivirus Software Pricing

  • The Avast Pro Antivirus

The price of this software is set to be 49.99 dollars for a year subscription.

  • Avast Internet security

Avast Internet security is priced at 47.99 dollars for a 1-year subscription and 87.99 dollars for a 2-year subscription.

  • The Avast Premier

The premier membership for 1 year cost 55.99 dollars and the 2 years one costs at 111.99 dollars.

  • Avast Ultimate

The ultimate only consists of a 1-year membership plan which is set to be priced at 119.99 dollars a year.

  • Avast Security for Mac

This software is priced at 47.99 dollars a year.

Therefore, the context stated above tells the readers about the prices available for all different types of Avast software on a different platform.

Final Verdict – Malwarebytes or Avast? (The Winner!)

Getting a premium antivirus in today’s time is one of the major needs of internet users. Since software like antivirus tends to provide individuals with security and safety from online threats. As of the 2 Antivirus software discussed in this article. The comparison is carried out for people to understand the software better and to opt for the one which suits best for their needs.

Hence, the conclusion is that both of the Antivirus software is very well functioning. And, are pretty successful in protecting the individual from online threats and malicious ware. But as of the result of the comparison between the 2. Avast excels clearly, Because of its streamlined features as well as prices and options available for all the customers. Also, it highly excels in terms of providing more options to its customers than Total AV. Also, as per the Lab test, Total AV didn’t participate in any of them, making Avast the sheer winner of the comparison battle between the 2.

Therefore, it is clear that Avast is the winning contender of this head to head comparison between Total AV and Avast.

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