Vipre Antivirus Review – Does it Really Offer Advanced Security?

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Antivirus is one of the essential software which must be installed on every laptop/pc. If you are looking for one of the best antivirus working these days, then we must recommend you check this excellent software popularly known as Vipre Antivirus.

Don’t believe our words, Just go through this detailed Review of Vipre antivirus software and decide whether to install it or not.

Vipre Antivirus Review

Before proceeding further, Let me first brief you about this informative article on Vipre Ultimate Security Software. Here are the key points which we are going to discuss in this post:

  • Introduction to Vipre Anti-Malware tool.
  • Pros & Cons
  • How to Install and setup Vipre in Windows devices.
  • Features of Vipre Antivirus.
  • Final Verdict.

Introduction to Vipre – The Ultimate Antivirus Software

Vipre is one of the most excellent working antivirus used by millions of people worldwide. This amazing software provides you with full protection from the Malware, threats, and viruses out there. Along with home protection [ protect your pc files/folders ], it will also assist you in your business protection too. Here business protection refers to your confidential emails, project documents, etc. Vipre has also been rewarded with the top-rated protection software tool.

Yes, I know this is not enough to tell whether the antivirus is good or not. Therefore we suggest you read this full detailed article on Vipre Review. Here in this post, we have appropriately reviewed all the essentials information related to this antivirus.

Pros and Cons of Vipre Ultimate Security Tool


  • Fast and secure Scanning of Viruses/Threats.
  • Protect from all kinds of Malware.
  • Advanced Firewall enabled in servers.
  • One-click Install.
  • Premium Dashboard with a perfect arrangement of options.
  • A top-level competitor in the Antivirus market.
  • Excellent Report Management.


  • Average Customer Support.
  • Slow scanning process.
  • Few plans are costly as per its feature.

System Requirement for the Installation of Vipre Antivirus

  • Minimum 1 GB of RAM.
  • Must have free space up to 1 GB.
  • Window Version Required: 7,8,10 etc. [ 32 Bit or 64 Bit ].
  • Working Internet Connection for service updates.

Note: Make sure that No other antivirus virus will be installed in your device. As if you want to download the Vipre Software, You have to delete any existing antimalware tool.

How to install Vipre Anti-Virus Software in Windows?

  • First of all, Click Here to download the latest version of Vipre Ultimate Security software.
  • Choose the best plans according to your requirement.
  • You can enjoy most of the amazing features of Vipre from their FREE TRIAL also.


  • Next, Install and open the software on your laptop/Pc.
  • Now It will prompt the “Activation Key of Vipre.”


  • Enter your activation key in the respective field.
  • Now click on the Agree & Continue to proceed further.
  • Within a few seconds, Installation will start.


  • That’s all, and You are ready to rock.
  • Hit the “Continue to VIPRE” to enjoy all the amazing features of this antimalware tools.



Features of Vipre Antivirus Security Key

1. Advance Protection with High-Level Performance

Vipre Antivirus Software comes with the advanced level security encryption security, which protects our important files and folders from outside threats and Malware. This is one of the popular used, which has tons of fantastic features. You have seen most of the antivirus slows down our system, but Vipre is somewhat different from those low-level antivirus tools. Instead of slowing down, This amazing antimalware tool will boost up your device performance by eliminating all the waste/temp files.

2. Malicious Website Blocker

Malicious website blocking feature is one of the top-rated features which is supported by the Vipre. All you have to do is to install the Vipre Antivirus in your pc/laptop and enable the Website Blocker option available in the viper’s settings. Now, whenever you are going to visit any malicious site, then it will automatically change your browser screen color to red and popup the security concern message regarding the threats/ viruses which are enabled on that website.

3. Firewall Enabled Security System

A firewall is must require for the proper checking of all the incoming and the outgoing files or traffic received by the device. A firewall is used to control all the insource and outsource movement of data between our pc and the Internet [ Web ]. Vipre Antivirus comes with the inbuilt firewall, which acts as a sturdy wall between your device and the threat available on the web. Whenever you are accessing any kind of malicious website, or you are trying to download any crack file from the malicious websites, then this firewall will help you to determine whether the data you are downloading are harmful or not.

4. Easy to Install and Setup

With the advancement in technology, Premium antiviruses are launched daily in the internet market with thousands of features. Due to the lack of tool designing, These kinds of antivirus will be flooded with all their features on their dashboard page [ Homepage ]. Due to this, Most of the users are getting annoyed as they are not able to find the primary functionality in their dashboard panel. Yet, the Vipre tool also has 100’s of premium features, but each sort of information is maintained correctly. You don’t have to surf here and there to find any basic antivirus settings. Also, It is effortless to install the Vipre software in any device [ Laptop/PC ].

5. External Device Scanning

This is one of the coolest features of the Vipre Anti-malware security key, which also provides us with the function of scanning the external USB devices whenever we connect them to our Vipre installed pc/laptop. Most of the files we need to export data from external storage devices like pen drive, hards disk, etc. for import and export of files. Who knows that Pendrive has a virus? Hence we recommend you use the virus removal tools like Vipre to protect your data from viruses.

6. Regular Updates

Regular updates will be provided to Vipre software in which new features are introduced in the tool, along with the elimination of bugs. W must recommend our visitors to regularly update the device to enjoy the unique and premium features.

Premium Features

Pricing & Plans Details of Vipre

Here are the pricing details of Vipre Security suites.

You can get Vipre Antivirus for $29.99, Advanced Security for $45.99 and Vipre Ultimate Security 2020 for $69.99


And here are all Plans compared


Final Verdict: Should You Buy Vipre Security?

Finally, We have come to an end to this informative article on Vipre Antivirus Review. We have added all the essential details related to this software like features of Vipre Tool, Installation Guide of Vipre, Pros & Cons of Vipre Anti-Virus software. From this Vipre Review article, You can quickly grab all the information about this tool.

If you are really looking for the Best Antivirus, we suggest that you skip Vipre and go for Norton or Bitdefender. 

Getting any error while installing this tool? Please drop your query in the comment box. Our team will surely reply to you. Also, If this proves to be helpful for you, then don’t forget to share this post with your friends and loved ones.

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