15 Best Antivirus for Windows 10

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Windows one of the most used operating system in the world. As of its usage, well it tends to score the highest since it qualifies as the most used OS in the world. But, as the OS becomes popular and tends to be used by billions of people, millions of malware and viruses are developed to infect billions of users. Although, as for the safety against such files and wares, Antivirus are the products created to tackle them. As these ware gets installed on your computer and make sure to protect its assets and important file which are targeted bu the malware and hence takes measures like creating firewall and by stoping access to those files

Therefore, in this article, we will be explaining the best antivirus products available in the market at the moment. You can choose and desire to opt the one which tends to fulfill your day to day needs based on your understanding of the article.

So, Let’s get started.

Is Antivirus Necessary?

Operating System (OS) is a profound language program used for the functioning of a computer system. As for Windows, it is the most dominant OS in the market when it comes to the computer. Well, as the reputation of the OS grows or in simpler words as the OS grows threats and malicious ware is known for attacking such OS also increases. So, at that point having an antivirus installed in the system is a must. As they are severely prone to get infected by more than 800 million types of different viruses and malware. Therefore, their security come in the action and hence software responsible for the same is known as Antiviruses.

As of today, choosing the best antivirus for your Windows-powered computer system is hard since a lot of companies tend to offer a lot of features including premium security. Therefore, choosing any of them makes it a difficult task. As of this article, we have explained all the best antivirus one can buy right off the market so that you won’t have any hard time choosing the right one for you. Just follow up on the article.

15 Best Antivirus for Windows 10:

Listed below are some of the best antivirus apps available in the market. Therefore these are as follows:

  • Bitdefender
  • Kaspersky
  • Avast
  • AVG
  • Norton Security and Antivirus
  • Webroot
  • Malwarebytes Anti-malware
  • Avira
  • ESET Smart Security
  • McAfee Live Safe
  • F-Secure Antivirus
  • Comodo Antivirus
  • Qihoo 360 Total Security
  • Microsoft Security Essential
  • Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security

Hence, these are the best antivirus as of now and simply can be downloaded or purchased directly from their respective websites.

Note: Some antiviruses may consist of free subscriptions, although most of them tend to have paid subscriptions.

Therefore, the explanation of this software are as follows:


Bitdefender is a very well-known name in the field of antivirus. It is because of its product quality as well as because of the features it offers to its customers. The company provides its users with many versions to choose from according to their needs. As for what it provides, well it gives protection from malware, trojans, and keyloggers as well. This antivirus identifies the infections from PC and expels them from your PC to improve its performance. It sets up the best execution for physical and virtual frameworks, single comfort for start to finish the management. Another best thing about Bitdefender is that unlike another Antivirus programming, the Bitdefender Antivirus doesn’t hinder your PC’s performance.

Although as for its features, it is capable of eliminating every type of e-threat, from traditional viruses, worms, Trojans to today’s RATs, ransomware, zero-day. Its new firewall bargains unrivaled execution in pinpointing interruptions. Hence secure’s your account from fraud by letting you make online transactions from a unique dedicated browser. And consist of way more features.

Price: As for its price, it’s base variant cost $29.99 for a year subscription whereas rises to $ 99.98 for a one-year subscription which protects up to 10 devices.


Kaspersky is another well-known name in the field of antivirus. Kaspersky is phenomenal for evacuating all sort of obstinate infections on your PC and further shielding your PC from web dangers as well. Indeed, even the free version of Kaspersky offers a VPN application that can assist you with hiding your online exercises. Lamentably, you will just get the chance to utilize the VPN application for 30 days only. Although to access it completely you have to opt for the paid version of Kaspersky antivirus.

Price: Apart from its free version, the base product by the company, it starts $ 29.99 for a year subscription which offers protection for up to 3 PCs and for its high-end version which is priced at $ 49.99 a year, offers protection for up to 5 PCs.


The next up article on the list is Avast. It is one of the most popular and used antivirus products in the market. Hence is one of the reasons why it makes to the list. This is the easiest to understand antivirus and trusted by a huge number of clients for quite a while. On top of that, this antivirus is openly accessible and gives all-around security from viruses and malware. You can likewise do a boot-time check with this antivirus that will be viable to expel infections in your Windows 10. The most recent variant of Avast packs a SecureLine VPN which causes clients to shroud their online activities. And it’s not limited to that. Avast also offers a Webcam Shield that viably shields your inherent camera from concealed spies.

Price: Other than the free variant, Avast packs a couple of suites. In which the base product is priced at $49.99 for a year subscription and the top end variant costing $ 119.99 for a year subscription as well.


The next antivirus product is AVG. It is also one of the famous and trusted products available in the market. As for its features, the antivirus consists of a refreshingly enhanced simple user interface for users to understand and scroll through the menu with ease. Furthermore, it features real-time security updates and scanning features, which solves all the malware and performance-related issues with ease. It also consists of the ability to detect malicious downloads and protect your PC.

Price: As for its price, the basic version is free, but as for the price of its paid membership is $ 63.99 for 1-year, and for its top-end variant, it costs $ 79.99 a year for a particular individual.

Norton Security and Antivirus

Norton has one of the biggest civilian groups of security specialists on the planet. It is one of the most established and best antivirus for windows 10 which is available for free download. Apart from that, Norton Security Standard is additionally proficient to ensure your PC against ransomware assaults. Another fascinating thing about Norton is that the organization offers 100% infection insurance guarantee. In this way, regardless of whether the security tools neglects to fix any security issue, you can anticipate help from security specialists. This is the best decision for your windows 10 Pc on the off chance that you have more than 2GB of RAM.

Price: As for its price, the base suite costs about 899 rupees for a year subscription and hence the top-end costs around 3,999 rupees for a year subscription.


The next product on the list is of Webroot. It is the best example of a lightweight yet powerful product. Hence it is a perfect product for both full-sized as well as mid-sized businesses. Apart from that the to check your PC effectively, Webroot takes around 20 seconds which is typically quicker than the normal sweep time taken. The product doesn’t occupy room as it is put away in the cloud, enabling it to keep up a little endpoint operator that typically installs fast and sweeps quicker. Along these lines, you would now be able to shield yourself from any identity theft and secure up to 3 PCs utilizing this product. Offering a 30-day free preliminary.

Price: there is a free trial available, the basic Webroot suite is priced at 29.99 dollars for a year subscription plan. Whereas the topmost variant is priced at 59.99 dollars a year.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes, another well-known antivirus product in the market. As for the malware and other dangerous files hidden or ready to attack your computer, Malwarebytes may prove to be your best option against them. It can assist you with shielding your PC from these dangerous and harmful infections that get into your PC. Malwarebytes proactive security additionally makes your device decidedly ready against malware and ransomware assaults. Although it’s not limited to that, it consists of features like Recognization and wiping out malware present there on your PC. Utilizes industry-driving innovation to totally expel vindictive and malicious code. Expels rootkits and fixes the harmed records. Counteracts access to and from realized malevolent site pages.

Price: As for the price section, Malwarebytes subscription can be activated for about $ 39.99 for a 1-year plan and $ 69.98 for a 2-year plan for a single device. Although, there is a free version to download but will be available at the expense of some features.


Another name on the list is Avira. This particular product fulfills the basic as well as intermediate needs of protection. It tends to provide basic safety from identity theft, cybercrime, malicious files, viruses and many more. It is a full-fledged product which offers a lot to their customers and the best thing being that its pretty stable. Meaning that it works without exerting serious stress on the CPU of the PC. Hence this is the reason being, why it made it to the list. Apart from that, it offers features like

Avoids ransomware from scrambling your information and taking control of them. It provides you with the ability to command over which removable device can have a valid connection with your PC. It provides intermediate level protection for your identity. Created with one of the most profound and deep-learning algorithms to shield you from the most recent threats.

Price: As for its base variant, it is priced at rupees 1,966 for a year subscription and goes up to rupees 3,356 for a premium and hence maxed out version offered by the company.

ESET Smart Security

ESET, the another chosen product for the list. As for its performance and protection rate, it is one of the few products which tend to make a place in the list. The product provides its users with all the necessary protection, including protection of banking and online payment. Since it is one of the few products which comes equipped with the new Banking & Payment Protection tools. Although, it’s not limited to that and hence provides features like it accompanies a Secure program that scrambles your passwords and Mastercard information. You can Track or find your missing devices with the assistance of its incredible Anti-burglary feature. You can utilize its own firewall to secure your own data regardless of wherever you are.

Price: The base variant of the product is priced at $ 39.99 for a 1-year subscription. Whereas the topmost is priced at 59.99 for a 1-year subscription.

McAfee Live Safe


McAfee LiveSafe is a perfect antivirus product for those individuals who prefer having protection on multiple devices. It is best for multi-use as it gives extreme insurance to all your gadgets and devices. It Block Viruses, Malware, Ransomware, Spyware, Unwanted Programs. Besides, it likewise gives Wi-Fi Protection, Web Safety, and PC Optimization Tools. The security tool additionally brings some valuable highlights like Password Manager, Encrypted Storage, Identity theft protection assurance and so on. Out of each one of those highlights, the encoded (encrypted) storage is the most well-known one and it encourages clients to password protect any desired files and folders.

Price: The total protection by McAfee is available for you to purchase at cost of rupees 1400 for a year subscription and protection up to 5 devices. Apart from that, there is also a Live Safe version of the product which costs at rupees 1299 for a year subscription for 1 device protection.

Final Words (Conclusion)

As for the conclusion of the article, listed above are some of the best antivirus products available for your Windows-powered devices which you can directly buy them from the market place. Therefore, as of now getting antivirus for your Windows devices has become a must. Since everyone these days has basic use of the internet on their PCs and most of the important information is stored on it as well. So having great protection for the same is a must in this time of digitalization.

So it makes it a perfect target for hackers and attackers to simply infest viruses or malware to your PCs Hence making it a must for PC users to install an antivirus in their PCs, just for the sake of safety.

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