15 Best Antivirus for Android [Free]

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Android is one of the major Operating systems out there in the market. Whereas for the stats, it tends to dominate the market as well since more than 90% of devices use an Android-based OS. Since Android seem to be a pretty big deal it makes it a perfect target for hackers and attackers. As the OS is increasing so do the threats waiting to infect these devices. Therefore we have carried out in-depth research in regard to the same.

In this article, we will be stating as well as explaining a little sum about the top 10 best android antivirus you can opt for right now. So based on the article you can opt for the one which tends to meet your needs and fulfill the promise of protecting you and your device from malicious ware and viruses present online.

So, Let’s get started.

Is it Necessary to Use Antivirus Apps on Android?

Android is the most widely used platform in the world. The particular OS tends to dominate the market since more than 90% of the devices use it as their driver OS. Well, as the reputation of the OS grows, or in simpler words as the OS grows threats and malicious ware is known for attacking such OS also increase. So, at that point having an antivirus installed in the system is a must. As they are severely prone to getting infected by more than 800 million types of different viruses and malware. Therefore, their security come into the action and hence software responsible for the same is known as Antiviruses.

As of today, choosing the best antivirus for your smartphone or tablet or whatever device running an android OS is hard since a lot of companies tend to offer a lot. Hence to choose the one with ease just follow up on the article.

Although if we talk about android antivirus applications, well one won’t require it that much until and unless you keep yourself safe. All you have to do is just download the application from the play store and keep your device’s security settings enabled and for sure you’ll be safe. But again why would you opt for android if you simply cannot utilize its independence. Meaning that Android has a lot to offer and as for its major feature, it tends to provide users with no such restrictions as not being able to download stuff from the internet or unable to download songs from the website itself. And to be exact, that’s a bit wilder part of using an android, since android provides such features but won’t take any guarantee of protecting you while you visit dangerous sites. And that’s where one requires an antivirus application on their device.

Well, as of now if you go and want to download the antivirus well you will find a lot of good and bad antivirus online although we have sorted out the best one for you. Here is some best antivirus you present in the play store.

15 Best Antivirus for Android

Listed below are some of the best antivirus apps available for download and can be found on Playstore. Therefore these are as follows:

  1. AVG
  2. 360 Security
  3. Avira
  4. Avast Antivirus
  5. Bitdefender free antivirus
  6. ESET mobile security and antivirus
  7. Malwarebytes security
  8. Norton security and antivirus
  9. McAfee Mobile security
  10. Webroot Mobile security
  11. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus
  12. Sophos Free Antivirus and Security
  13. Lookout Security and Antivirus
  14. Dr. Web Security Space
  15. AhnLab V3 Mobile Security

Hence, these are the best antivirus as of now and simply can be downloaded from the Play store.

Note: Some antiviruses may have paid subscriptions, although most of them do provide free applications.

Therefore, the explanation of this software is as follows:


AVG is a pretty big name in the antivirus market. Although there is one thing to note Avast and AVG are the same since Avast bought AVG back in 2016. But due to some reasons sell they as two separate products, so if you have previously worked with Avast or AVG you might notice a lot of similarities between them. But as for the difference, there are quite some differences in the 2. The application has hostile to a robbery following through Google Maps, however, it additionally doesn’t have the established firewall accessibility. Like AVAST, there is a swath of silly battery, memory, and telephone boosting highlights that don’t work. Something else, it is anything but a bad antivirus and can make up as a good choice if you’re opting for one.

Price: this one goes for $2.99 every month, $11.99 every year, and contains a 14-day free preliminary (access).

360 Security

Well as for 360 Security, it is a bit confusing antivirus. Since some of the features it provides are pretty interesting and helpful whereas the rest are pretty bad to start with. The basic activity is carried out by scanning your application for potential threats. Although in our testing we found that the antivirus’s scanning rates to find a threat are pretty higher since it tends to denote facebook as malware. Regardless, this is a better antivirus than an average. A bit more excessively essential antivirus application that will do the sweeps and show you potential vulnerabilities. Although the basic trick is to try to uninstall the application yourself as opposed to empowering every (generally fake relief) include the application needs to empower individuals. There are some boosters, however, according to us won’t be a feature to take into consideration. When you decay the greater part of the application benefits, this one functions as a decent, lightweight scanner and storage cleaner.

Price: The antivirus is freeware although consists of ads in it with additional fees of $5.49 you can get rid of the ads as well.


Avira, is a bit newer antivirus in the market, but its newness didn’t stop its success rather it boomed to heights pretty quickly. The application accompanies the basics of an antivirus, including gadget filters, ongoing insurance, outer SD card checks, and significantly more. Some different features incorporate anti-theft support, security checking, boycotting, and even gadget administrator features. It’s a lot lighter than applications like Norton and others and is generally recommended as a Stagefright Advisor device.

Price: It’s likewise generally reasonable and comes with a fee of $ 11. 99 per year, although there is a free form.

Avast Antivirus

Avast, is a well-renowned name in the market and has been successful for quite some time now. It tends to offer tons of features and boasts over 100 million downloads making it pretty known as well as meeting people’s needs for antivirus products. A portion of the features incorporates the exemplary antivirus filtering, an applock, call blocker, Anti-Theft support, a photograph vault, and even a firewall for established Android gadgets. It additionally incorporates booster features, however, that ain’t a feature worth taking into consideration. Since they tend to change up your device’s settings completely harming it way more than it does good to your device.

Price: As for Avast’s price it is pretty reasonable as compared to others. The base version is free to download and provides a trial period of 14 days. Apart from that it also features a subscription of $2.99 a month or $11.99 a year.

Bitdefender Free Antivirus

Bitdefender, is one of the very few antiviruses available for free there in the marketplace. As for its features and enhancements, well it hasn’t been changed lately. It offers an essential scanning feature, a straightforward interface, speedy execution, and no design. This is an extraordinary choice for overly basic needs. All it truly does is sweep stuff and after that stay there and hold back to output stuff once more. Hence making it a perfect option for those who simply don’t want to surf a lot on the internet and generally don’t want to pay for any type of subscription, yet want to have something to secure them.

Price: As the heading suggests it is a free 0f cost antivirus application. It also doesn’t incorporate any type of in-app purchases or subscriptions. Although you have to face the advertisements.

ESET Mobile Security and Antivirus

ESET is another well-renowned and big name in the market of antiviruses. It consists of conventional arrangements of features, including scanning, anti-theft support, a security inspector include, examination planning, and many more. The setup procedure is somewhat meddling. It’s one of only a handful, not many that require an email address. Else, it works truly well. Keep in mind that it ain’t as good as Avast or AVG but is a nominal functioning antivirus in comparison to Bitdefender.

Price: As of the ESET price, well you get one month of free trial upon installation. Although after that you have to pay $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year.

Malwarebytes Security

Well, Malwarebytes is a very well-known product when it comes to talking about Windows protection. Regardless of that, Malwarebytes was able to keep up its reputation in Android OS as well, since it tends to perform pretty well on it as well. It includes an aggressively refreshed infection (Virus) database, support for malware and ransomware, and an authorization tracker, and that’s just the beginning. It can even sweep messages in WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, and so on for conceivably perilous connections. It does carry out the standard stuff like scanning too. Apart from that which makes it a perfect antivirus, it is not that heavy as well.

Price: As for its price, well it is priced pretty nominally since it only costs $1.49 per month subscription and $11.99 per year subscription. Although there is a free option as well, it might not provide intermediate-level security.

Norton security and antivirus

Norton, has a pretty nominal antivirus solution out there. Although Norton did see its ups and downs in the market. Regardless it does have some pretty helpful features in it. The application has a great deal of fundamental features, however, including assurance from malware, spyware, and other awful stuff. Extra features incorporate sparing gadgets area when the battery is low, ongoing insurance, anti-theft feature, and many more. Although, it is also that product which generally lends to be on a bit pricier side.


Price: As of its price, it is priced from $14.99 – $39.99 a year depending upon the suite you opt for. Although take note that the highest variant consists of mobile device protection as well as computer protection. There is also a free version available but as of its utilization, it is not at all recommended.

McAfee Mobile Security

Again a pretty famous product lands on the list. McAfee is an antivirus product that made its name in the industry by providing seamless security to its customers. Also, the particular product is heaviest in comparison to all other products. The application incorporates checking, anti-theft features, spyware, and security locking features. Furthermore, it can take photographs of your potential telephone hoodlum, record areas to the cloud before the telephone closes down, and progressively helpful stuff. McAfee likewise has an assortment of independent applications for different things. The UI is old and it doesn’t look generally excellent. Furthermore, it has a booster that doesn’t work and it requires email registration to work. The antivirus bit of the application works rather well and a portion of the tertiary highlights are pleasant.

Price: As for its pricing, it is priced at $2.99 for a monthly subscription and $29.99 for a yearly subscription. There is a free version as well but again, its really ain’t have any use.

Webroot Mobile Security

Webroot is another phenomenal and straightforward antivirus application. You get the nuts and bolts, for example, gadget examining, insurance from malware, and constant gadget checking. Furthermore, it accompanies an inherent call and content blocker should you need one. The majority of that stuff accompanies the free form. The individuals who go star get against burglary highlights, remote telephone cleaning (if necessary), a SIM card lock, and a battery and system screen. It doesn’t appear to be a not insignificant rundown of highlights, yet it feels like Webroot removed a ton of the swell for a quick and useful experience.

Price: As for its price, The basic android subscription is way cheaper than that of PCs. Although you still have an option to get both at the price of $79.99 a year.

Final Words (Conclusion)

As for the conclusion of the article, listed above are some of the best and free antivirus apps for android devices you can get right away from the Play store. Therefore, as of now getting an antivirus even for your smartphone devices has become a must. Since smartphones are becoming more like portable computers and hence taking care of them as one such thing has become a must. It is mainly because smartphones getting infected chances are pretty high since your main data is generally stored there.

So it makes it a perfect target for hackers and attackers to simply infest viruses or malware on smartphones. Hence making it a must for smartphone users to install an antivirus on their smartphones as well.

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