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360 Total Security, an antivirus from which a large portion of the crowd knows about. It is among the rundown of antivirus items that are considered as one of the well-known Antivirus products. In certain case scenarios, the question is Why? All things considered, in this article, we will give our readers a full-blown audit of the 360 Total Security. This likewise legitimizes why the antivirus item is so acclaimed.

Along these lines, Let’s get started.

Web, the significant pro, and cons in the present time. As it is the center point brimming with merits in it, it is likewise viewed as a significant lodging goal of a great many malware and infections prepared to contaminate the web users. One can offer importance to the presence of a significant infection just from a basic computer click. Now, antivirus is the program that comes without hesitation, since these are the product and projects endowed with the obligation to shield their customers from such dangers.

Individuals while settling on another antivirus item frequently wind up in this unending quandary to choose which one to select among such a large number of choices accessible in the market. Since they pack a great deal in them and subsequently have a ton to offer to their clients. Even though they may need a certain something or 2 and may offer something more than different brings to the table which frequently will, in general, be the explanation difference between such a significant number of decisions out there. Concerning customers choosing or intending to purchase a membership of 360 Total Security, we have done a point-by-point audit for the equivalent.

Thus, a cavernous review is completed on what all things and highlights are offered by 360 Total Security to their clients with the goal that perusers looking for information on this specific antivirus program can comprehend the product better and choose in like manner.

360 Total Security Review – Detailed Guide

Let’s start by taking What all products are offered by the company to its basic users. Therefore, listed below are the list of products on demand provided by the company to its customers seeking antivirus for home usage.

  • 360 Total Security Free (Windows).
  • 360 Total Security premium (Both Windows and Mac).

As, for its product list, it might be short but it tends to hold up most of the features in these 2 products themselves. So, if anyone wants to choose, they can choose from these 2 options.

360 Total Security

360 Total Security is a pretty good antivirus when it comes to the free antivirus products, but still, there are better options out there like that of AVG free and Avast free. It consists of a decent amount of extra features in it as well, but if you compare it to the real-world conditions it lags behind Bitdefender and Avira, even though it tends to utilize the same antivirus engines like that of Bitdefender and Avira.

The people seeking out antivirus product that tends to focus on anti-malware solutions, well 360 Total security might not be the best choice. It manages to provide anti-malware solutions, but isn’t that effective. Although, if you consider the fact that this product is available to its customer for free, well that makes it a pretty worthwhile product.

As for its offering to customers, they will be served by several scanning options, multiple speedup-cleanup tools, and a relatively low system impact. But still is rated well below average by the lab tests. Although there is a paid premium edition available as well, it still works off the same engines as that of Bitdefender and Avira. Hence providing you with another reason for opting for better antivirus alternatives like that of AVG, Avira, and Bitdefender. But may offer some premium features which are not generally found in most Antivirus products.

So, in the next section of the article let’s talk about all Pros and Cons 360 Total Security offers to its customers.

360 Total Security (Pros and Cons)

As for this section, we will tell you about the Pros and Cons that fit with the product based on our understanding and research on the 360 Total Security Antivirus. Therefore, listed below are the pros and cons of 360 Total Security.


  • The free version of the software is pretty decent and easy to install.
  • Consists of antivirus engines utilized by pretty big names like that Bitdefender and Avira.
  • Exerts a lot less strain and tension over the CPU of the computer.
  • The UI is very simple and easy to understand while navigating through is pretty easy as well.
  • As for the Cleanups and Full PC, scans are pretty effective in the case of 360 Total Security.
  • Hence for the best part of the product is that it doesn’t require any type of account registration to get started.
  • And for the last one is that it works over the Real-time cloud-based protection.


  • The major factor adding up to the con of the product is the major ad flow throughout the software usage.
  • As for its tools, most of the tools tend to give mediocre results when working at their best.
  • The next big con is its lab results, its tests project a below-average industry lab test results.
  • It tends to exert a lot of impact on the system while going through the scanning process.
  • As for the final point, some of the useful features are available beyond the paywall of the software, meaning that it can only be accessed with the subscription of the premium version.

Hence, the above context explains, the major Pros and Cons offered by the 360 Total Security. Simply going through them will give a rough knowledge of what users can expect best from the product and what not so best.

Features offered by 360 Total Security

360 Total Security is a well-renowned antivirus software known for its security and features available to all the users at free of cost. It provides users with different products. Hence, readers can refer to the context stated above. Therefore all the features offered by the product to its customers are as follows:

  • Full Check

This particular feature lets users scan their computer completely and quickly and hence check the overall condition of your computer with the mere action of a single click, which can be performed within the time frame of couple seconds.

  • Virus Scan

It is equipped with the Coordinating honor winning antivirus engines from 360 Cloud Scan Engine,360 QVMII AI Engine, Avira and Bitdefender to give you a definitive in Virus detection and protection abilities.

  • Speed Up Utility

The next up feature consists of a Speed Up utility tool, which lets users manage and optimize their system services, system boot-ups and boot-up of items and plugin, by reducing the boot-up time and making the PC faster and smoother.

  • Cleanup utility

The next up feature in the list is of cleanup utility, This tool lets users free up their PC’s disk space simply by removing junk files and unused plugins, Which in general improves system performance. Apart from that, this utility also lets you decide, which area to clean up as well as which files you want to remove as a part of clean up.

  • Protection

As for the final feature and the foremost important one is of protection. Protection offers 4 diverse client selectable modes – Performance/Balanced/Security and Custom. Every mode tends to offer an alternate degree of security from malware, phishing assaults, and secondary passages.

Hence, the above context explains every main feature that is offered by the 360 Total Security to their customers, since these are the features which will be accessible by the users once they install 360 Total Security on their PC.

360 Total Security Prices

Almost every other company tends to provide its customers with almost similar features but the main thing that helps customers to decide and hence act as a major factor for purchasing any product is its cost. This particular factor creates a major difference between different antivirus products and is pretty much a major factor for customers to stick to the decision of buying an antivirus.

360 Total Security Antivirus Software Pricing

  • 360 Total Security free

The 360 total Security is available for you to purchase at free of cost since it is a freeware.

  • 360 Total Security Premium edition

The premium version is set to cost at rupees 1299 for a year subscription, rupees 2339 for 2-year subscription and rupees 2499 for 3 years.

Note: Each product prices vary depending on the no. of devices protection is needed for.

Therefore, the context stated above tells the readers about the prices available for all different types of 360 Total Security software on a different platform.

Is it Worth Buying? (Conclusion)

So, we are left with the question that, is it worth buying? Well, we would suggest that if you want to go for free and basic antivirus protection without needing advanced protection while surfing online than it is suggested that you can go ahead and opt for the 360 Total Security. Although if you are focused over your protection and require a bit more intuitive as well as complex then simply go for better free antivirus products like Avast and AVG free antivirus.

As for this article that’s that. Simply, go through the full review and decide whether the 360 Total Security is the best choice for you or its product, which simply won’t meet your needs. You decide.

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