PC Matic Review – Is it Worth Buying?

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We took as much time as necessary to review PC Matic, and if it’s moderate and affordable protection services for five gadgets is all you need, then this product is the correct decision. Once more, this isn’t only an antivirus, yet consists of a lot of performance-enhancing tools that can do altogether boosting systems performance. Unfortunately, while the whitelisting approach is very amazing, it has a few blemishes. It always squares genuine applications and projects, which can be very disappointing for some clients.

Hence, in this article, we will be explaining the full-blown review of the antivirus product we carried out based on our understanding and research in regards to the same. So, Let’s get started.

Web, the critical pro, and con in today’s time. As it is the middle point overflowing with merits in it, it is in like manner saw as a critical cabin objective of a large number of malware and viruses ready to taint the internet users. One can offer significance to the nearness of a noteworthy disease just from a fundamental PC click. Presently, antivirus is the program that comes decisively, since these are the item and ventures which blessed with the commitment to shield their clients from such perils.

People while choosing another antivirus thing much of the time end up in this unending predicament to pick which one to choose among such an enormous number of decisions open in the market. Since they pack a lot in them and thusly have a ton to offer to their customers. Even though they may require a specific something or 2 and may offer something more than various brings to the table which now and again will, by and large, be the clarification distinction between such a critical number of choices out there. Concerning clients picking or proposing to buy an enrollment of PC Matic, we have done a point by point review for the comparable.

Thus, a cavernous review is completed on what all things and highlights are offered by PC Matic antivirus company to their clients with the goal that perusers looking for information on this specific antivirus program can comprehend the product better and choose in like manner.

PC Matic Review – InDepth Guide

Let’s start by taking What all products are offered by the company to its basic users. Therefore, listed below are the list of products on demand provided by the company to its customers seeking antivirus for home-usage.

As for the PC Matic, it does not consist of different products, rather offers its customers 2 types of subscription options, which both include the protection for up to 5 devices. Therefore these are as follows:

  • PC Matic Annual
  • PC Matic Evergreen

As for the features, it remains the same throughout both the options, it’s just that first one lets you use the antivirus product for 5 devices for one year whereas the Evergreen subscription lets you own the services provided by the company for a lifetime, which includes protection for up to 5 devices as well.

PC Matic

Present-day antivirus Products center the entirety of their assets around identifying and disposing of malware and other harmful files dangers. Tune-up/advancement or in simpler words optimization devices come as a little something extra, that’s it. But that is not the situation with PC Matic: created by PC Pitstop, an Iowa-based organization, it utilizes an extraordinary methodology. Most importantly, it’s an apparatus for adjusting your PC or in simpler words a tool to optimize and enhance the performance. The inherent antivirus is only a little piece of the bundle which you simply pay for.

Moreover, you won’t be able to locate the traditional signature/heuristic examining systems here. Pitstop accepts that whitelisting is the best device against malware. Fileless Script Blocking and RDP Port Controls will likewise ensure your gadget is free from any danger. Release us ahead with the PC Matic audit and discussion progressively about these exceptionally bizarre strategies for managing the internet dangers.

PC Matic (Pros and Cons)

As for this section, we will tell you about the Pros and Cons that fit with the product based on our understanding and research on the PC Matic Antivirus. Therefore, listed below are the pros and cons of PC Matic.


  • As for the first pro, the impressive thing about the antivirus is its whitelist-based anti-malware protection.
  • The next up thing is its affordability, it is pretty cheap than the rest of the competitors in the field.
  • It has a buying option that lets you subscribe to its services for a lifetime.
  • As for its PC optimization tools, they are excellent in performance and one may notice its optimization levels in day to day usage.
  • The best part is that it comes equipped with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • As for the cons, the first thing which might bother users is its flaw to block off the valid apps and files.
  • The next major con will be that it hasn’t been tested by major independent labs, hence it doesn’t give you those numbers justifying how accurate the antivirus is.
  • The manual test running is not that simple and may take a lot of hassle to perform.
  • It might exert an impact on the PC and hence may affect in a longer duration of application opening.
  •  It also was found to be pretty abundant in the results of third-party lab tests.

Hence, the above context explains, the major Pros and Cons offered by the PC Matic. Simply going through them will give a rough knowledge of what users can expect best from the product and what not so best.

Features offered by PC Matic

PC Matic is a feature-rich software in which antivirus plays a small part, since its more like a PC optimization tool. It provides users with the same products with different subscription options. Hence, readers can refer to the context stated above. Therefore all the features offered by the product to its customers are as follows:

  • Defragments Disks

It provides users with features like that of defragmenting the disks with ease, hence to perform a stable working of PC and hence less exertion of stress on CPU since the files get distributed in a defragmented manner.

  • Updates Drivers

The next feature it provides users is with the ability to automatically update the drivers, without any need for you to do it manually since the updated drivers ensure the smoother working of PC.

  • Removes Junk Files

It also tends to remove the junk and unused files so that more disk space can be freed up and hence also ensure smooth working of PC Since no extra exertion will act on CPU. Also, the removal of Junk files may create the space for new useful files.

  • Scans and Cleans Security Threats

The most important feature which is the software is known for is its antivirus feature. It simply scans and cleans up the security threats such as malware and viruses, which might be ready to infect your PC at any time.

  • Measures Performance with a Benchmark Suite

It also tends to measure up the performance of the system with the help of its Benchmark suite it provides to its customers. It keeps checking on all types of scores, like CPU usage, GPU usage, etc. Hence giving you every information possible about your PC’s performance.

Hence, the above context explains every main feature that is offered by the PC Matic to their customers, since these are the features which will be accessible by the users once they install PC Matic on their PC. Although there is way more to the list of features, the explained ones are the main day to day used features.

PC Matic Prices

Almost every other company tends to provide its customers with almost similar features but the main thing that helps customers to decide and hence act as a major factor for purchasing any product is its cost. This particular factor creates a major difference between different antivirus products and is pretty much a major factor for customers to stick to the decision of buying an antivirus.

PC Matic Antivirus Software Pricing

  • PC Matic Annual

The PC Matic Annual is the first product in a line that tends to provide you with its services on an annual term which costs $52.53 and hence supports the protection services for up to 5 devices.

  • PC Matic Evergreen

This is the same product and hence consists of the same features, but tends to provide users with a lifetime subscription of the product for $173.31 and hence also supports the protection services for up to 5 devices.

Therefore, the context stated above tells the readers about the prices available for all different types of PC Matic software.

Is it Worth Buying? (Conclusion)

So, the final question arises, is the software worth buying? Well, the answer to that is it depends. Based on our knowledge and usability, the software is pretty much fit for those who seek to have everything induced in one product, although they might want to keep a note that they might face some issues of not detecting some kinds of malware and viruses, so if you are the internet user who seems to surf way to deep on internet, you might want to choose another product.

But, if you are a mild internet user who just surfs above the surface and hence requires each and everything to be available in the product with a one-time investment, well this will be a good choice. So, as of the article, this is it with the review of the PC Matic and based on their understanding of the product reviewed in this article, readers can decide whether it will be a good choice for them or not.

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